The Texas Street Garden is Coming!

Construction has begun on the Texas Street Garden in the Potrero Terrace and Annex!  Thanks to the vision and diligence of the Sustainable Living Group, Bridge, and other community members, work has begun to transform the barren 1/3 acre with the amazing view into a source for free healthy food.  It will also be a space for learning about gardening and nutrition, sharing recipes, events, and just having fun. 

The garden will also provide residents with employment opportunities; especially those interested in managing the garden long term.  Residents have already been hired to help construct the site and two other residents, Tanjika Kelly and Tahrio Marshall, are enthusiastically helping to create a seed saving program.

Steve Pulliam and Antonio Roman-Alcala, the Garden Managers are already on board, maintaining and expanding the Family Resource Center Garden and the resident Barrel Gardens.  So if you’re itching to do some gardening or just hang out with other community members, come down to the FRC Garden for our workday Wednesdays from 10-noon.  We will also be manning a seed starting table at the Community Wide Party tomorrow, so we would love to meet you and hear your ideas for the garden.

We will try to update the blog on construction as it progresses.  Again, thanks to everyone involved for making this happen.







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One Response to The Texas Street Garden is Coming!

  1. nishatha says:

    This is wonderful news. I have been excitedly anticipating the start of the Texas Street garden for all that it can contribute to community building and educating neighbors on the joys of gardening and the wonders of nutritional locally-grown produce. Congratulations to all who have persevered with this effort!

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