Next community-building group this Thurs June 7



 Thurs June 7 at The Nabe

Dinner will be served at 6:00

The Rebuild Potrero Community Building Initiative is on a roll!  Join us at the next Community Building Meeting on June 7 to hear about the progress and provide input on future activities. These are a just a few of the exciting developments that we’ll discuss:

  • The free community ZUMBA class. The class is packed each week with people of all ages, races, and dancing ability. The fun starts every Monday at the NABE at 6:00!
  • The new Texas Street Garden which will be breaking ground in June!
  • A community-wide block party being organized for this summer. There will be family fun for everyone!
  • Two young Potrero artists are designing a community mural to be installed in the Community Buiding office. They need our help to decide what should be included.
  • Federal Grant opportunities. We recently applied for a federal Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant and are applying for other federal funds to support additional community building ideas.
  • In September we will be kicking off a community health parenting program focused on preparing Potrero kids for Kindergarten by protecting their brain development during the critical ages of 0-5. Learn about the Healthy Generations Project!

We hope you can make the next Community Building Group on June 7 from 6-8 at the Nabe to discuss this further and share your ideas.

What’s the latest with the Rebuild Potrero project?

Want to stay informed?


We have launched an updated Rebuild Potrero website.  For information about the initiative or to see documents from past meetings, visit



Call Emily Weinstein at: 415-806-1429

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